Can I pay by card?

We accept cash only HUF/EUR.

How long does sercive take?

All services are different. Please check below: https://barberworld.salonic.hu/services

Can I book appointment online?

Yes, you can through the website, you can select your barber, sercives, date and time. You will get a confirmation email and text message and a reminder email 3 hours before the service.

What’s the haircut price?

Clickk here to see our prices.

Where can I park?

We suggest Szentmihályi, Bródy Sándor, Trefort or Puskin street. At Puskin street you can find underground parking spots at Pollack.

Can I cancell my appointment?

Yes, you can cancel your appointment two hours before the service.


What kind of services do you have?

Please check below the link: https://barberworld.salonic.hu/services

Can I come without appointment?

If we have free time sure, but can’t guarantee. Better if you book online and that’s 100% will be yours.

Do you do services for ladies?

No. We are barber shop we only do men haircut, beard trim and shave.

Can I go with my girlfriend?

Yes, you can. We have comfy waiting are, she can sit, have a coffe and chill.

What if I late or not showing up at my appointment?

Please note our booking and cancellation policy. We can hold your appointment no more than 5 minutes late. We do not accept cancellation 2 hours before the service or not showing up. Full service price must be paid at your next appointment.