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Our story goes back to Dublin, the capital of Ireland. We have spent many years expanding our experience and knowledge. We have considered to ​​bringing home this professional service, creative and qualified work for a long time. Our Barber crew is made up of routine professionals only, so choose anyone you can only get the best one. It is important for us to have a comfortable time as if you were just coming home. Drop yourself on the couch, watch the current match, have a glass of beer or have a good coffee. 

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I have qualified as a hairdresser/barber. After my educations I had a chance to live 7 years in the capital of Ireland, in Dublin. I love to be a barber and I specialized. I have worked and managing few high reputation Irish Barber Shop. With the establishment of Barber World, I want to create quality and professionalism in Budapest. Book an appointment or walk in, I guarantee you found your real Barber.




This is the 9th year that I have decided to be a hairdresser / barber. I studied in Berlin. I worked in Germany as a barber 1,5 years. I moved out as a hairdresser and came home as a barber. 😊 I have always been interested in the arts and self-expression. During my work, I don’t just follow trends. My guideline is the style! By finding and showing our own style, we give the world a little insight into who we are. My goal is to see as many hairstyles as possible made by my hands in the streets of Budapest, with you can show your true self.😊
If you would like it and let me to help you with this…. Please have a seat in my chair.😉

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Book your appointment online simply,quickly, comfortably. You don’t need to do anything else just select a service a barber and a free appointment. We send you a confirmation e-mail of your booking and you are able to add your appointment into your calendar, then you won’t forget of this.

Price list

Haircut – 4400Ft/15€

/wash, cut, fixing/

Our services also include hair washing, because work accurately only with freshly washed hair possible. Ask with fade or simply with scissor. Our barbers will do the best with your hair.

Child haircut – 3400Ft/11€

/wash, cut, fixing/

We do the coolest haircut for kids under 14, so feel free to go for the most trending hairstyle of the school.

One length haircut – 2200Ft/7€

/wash, cut/

Don’t make less! Come to us and have a drink while professionals care about your hairstyle. Contour lines are adjusted with a shaving razor.

Beard trim – 3200Ft/11€

/Machine & Blade trim, Care/

There’s nothing more fascinating about a man’s face than his beard. Anyone with a beard knows how good it is to be proud of them. As we know, a demanding beard requires time, care and a skilled barber. Don’t leave it to chance you will find all three of us. We do and care only with premium products.

Hot towel shave – 4800Ft/16€

/Classical hot towel shave, skincare with premium products/

Classic hot towel shave with shaving razor. Not to be compared with home shaving. Your face will be perfectly smooth, clean and fresh. The feeling cannot be described in words, it must be experienced. Like all our other services, we do this exclusively with premium products.

Haircut + Beard trim – 7600Ft/26€

Haircut + Hot towel shave – 9200Ft/31€

Head shave – 7500Ft/25€

Head shaving against the hair (back and forth) with classic razor. Skincare with premium products.

We accept cash only HUF/EUR.
Thank you.



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1088 Budapest, Rákóczi street 9.

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